Welcome to Balbriggan, a sea-side town where real life happens.

Did you know?

That Sinead de Valera author of Irish Fairy Tales and wife of President Eamon de Valera was born Jane Flanagan in Balbriggan? She was baptized in SS Pater and Pauls church on 2 July 1878.

That the parapets of Balbriggan Martello Tower were removed sometime after the 1920s and were used in the construction of houses on Drogheda Street?

That candles were used originally used in the lighthouse? The candles were replaced by gas lanterns and reflectors. Balbriggan lighthouse was used as a sealight until the lighthouse at Rockabill was opened in 1860.

That numerous children, some as young as five and six, were employed in the mills of Balbriggan in 1789?