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Dublin Falconry

The Dublin Falconry facility at Courtlough is a place for young and old alike to enjoy a fabulous day close to nature and our feathered friends. This year, Dublin falconry will be home to thirty Owls, Falcons and Hawks by the end of the breeding season.

The Falconry is run by Trevor Roach who has been involved in Falconry since he was Eight years old and he has flown many species of Hawks, Falcons and Owls. Dublin Falconry is a centre of excellence for the art of Falconry and it promises to be a thrilling and educational visit. Set in the countryside in beautiful surroundings the birds are outstanding. Trevor  has an infectious enthusiasm for his craft and it is obviously far more than a day job to him. The show itself is educational and very interesting, everyone gets a chance to interact with the birds, to hold them and to take part in the displays.

Dublin Falconry is open for business at, Xtreme.ie at Courtlough Shooting Grounds, Balbriggan.

Opening hours to the Public are:
May to October – Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays – 12pm to 6pm.